The 28th Texas History Essay Contest

About The 7th Grade Essay Contest

The mission of The Battle of Flowers® Association is to teach the history of our state and to keep alive the patriotic traditions of Texas and San Antonio. This annual contest creates awareness and fosters an appreciation of our Texas heritage while providing 7th-grade San Antonio students a unique opportunity to study and write an essay on Texas History.

Contest Details

The Texas History Essay Contest is open to all 7th grade students in the San Antonio area.

The top three (3) student finalists receive the following awards:

  • First Place: Laptop computer
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $250

The academic department of the first place winner’s advisor/teacher will receive $1,000.

This year’s contest deadline is January 6, 2023.

Information & Resources:

For questions and more information, email our chairman, Sudie Holshouser.

2023 Contest Winners

Essay contest first place winner 2023.

1st Place – Elizabeth Eversberg

Alamo Heights Christian School

“Sarah Horton Cockrell: Building the Way for Texas Business Women.”

Teacher: Priscilla Power

2nd Place – Hayden Harrison

St. Luke’s Episcopal School

“I refused to take no for an answer.”

Teacher: Mark McCullough

3rd Place – Claire Whitney

St. Luke’s Episcopal School

“Of course I got hurt, but was never afraid.”

Teacher: Mark McCullough

Honorable Mention – Asher Warden

San Antonio Academy

“Texan Trail Blazers: The Sisters of Charity.”

Teacher: Thomas H. Meyer

Honorable Mention – Leah Latham

Heritage Middle School

“Edna Gladney and Her Trailblazing Efforts for the Rights of Children.”

Teacher: Ms. Faith Moore