Save Our Route

If you’ve missed the latest news, the most recent plans for a reimagined Alamo include removing and permanently closing Alamo Street. This would mean that the Battle of Flowers Parade would no longer pass in front of the Alamo Chapel – a tradition that has been carried on by San Antonians for 127 years.

This dramatic change hinges on whether the San Antonio City Council conveys the street to the state of Texas in an upcoming vote. If passed, this would ultimately eliminate the ability of San Antonio residents to preserve our historical traditions and determine what happens in the heart of our own downtown.

If you agree that those of us who live in San Antonio should determine how and when the land in front of the Alamo Chapel is used, then make your opinion known to the mayor and council members. To identify your district council member and contact info, click here

The closing of the street in front of the Alamo chapel and its conveyance to the state would eliminate the historic Battle of Flowers route, which is the only parade route that honors the Alamo heroes and Texas history.

No other route can accommodate the height and width requirements of these groups and floats, along with seating for the public without negatively affecting so many participant and viewers. There are also safety issues in trying to condense the parade onto narrower, less accessible streets.

As important as these concerns are, the central issue — the one that should matter to all San Antonians and all Texans — is this: The Battle of Flowers Parade is the cornerstone and founding event of Fiesta. The 127-year route is significant in its pilgrimage to honor the heroes of the Alamo. This route has been witnessed by U.S. presidents, senators, governors, military dignitaries and untold generations of students who are shown by example the true history, honor and respect due to Alamo heroes.

We all agree that the Alamo grounds need improvement. However, the improvement needs to be built around our long-standing traditions. We hope that Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the City Council will advocate for maintaining these traditions and the heart of our downtown.

Whatever other changes are deemed necessary, their priority should be to keep the 127-year historic parade route in front of the Alamo chapel and allow Alamo Street to remain open for the parades. We need help in alerting our city council of this desire and ask that you please join us in contacting your district’s council member to let your voice be heard. While contacting council members will be most effective, we are also collecting signatures on our online petition to present to city council before they vote on the plan this Fall. Any support you can provide is immensely appreciated!